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You Know What You Should Be Doing….
12-14-2017, 11:43 AM
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You Know What You Should Be Doing….
You know, there are a lot of parts that need to be constantly moving when you’re running a small business. Every thing is always marked important. Most business don’t do the one thing they should be doing: marketing the business. The challenge every business faces is how? or the more common “I don’t think I have the time, money or resources for such an endeavor and I get so little return”.

Janet thought the same thing…

She opened her bakery on a busy street in the center of town. Janet was right in assuming foot traffic would solve everything; it would be her bread and butter. It would be enough to sustain her as the business grew over time. She wasn’t looking to be the talk of the town; she didn’t want to be named the greatest baker ever, she just wanted to make people happy. She was simply looking for more clients like the awesome ones she has. She joined a local networking group, only to spend more way more in fees than she ever got in return. She tried an email campaign with an online service and ended up with more work that she didn’t have time for. She tried social media, realizing that on line can be a scary place. Janet felt like the only thing she was accomplishing was endlessly spending money while getting nothing in return but aggravation and frustration.

Then Janet made a small change…

Janet stopped thinking of herself as a store reliant on foot traffic. Janet started thinking of herself as a brand. She discovered a more effective way to talk and connect with interested buyers. Clients, like the ones she had, who need and can benefit from her services the most; the clients Janet started her business for. It’s a brand that consumers can share easily with other people because it’s easy to remember and hard to forget. Brands mean business. They make marketing your business easier, they increase your success at networking, and they always give you a return on investment.

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